February 18, 2011

wannabe kimmidoll series - ups... I dropped the skirt on the wannabes!

When I first came up with the pieces I turned out to call wannabe kimmidoll  I had no intention to make them look like anything in particular. However as I covered them in origami paper they immediately remind me of the kimmidoll. Thus the label.

"The Kimmidoll® brand was conceived following a long standing passion with elegant decorative gift and homeware items inspired by Eastern culture. The traditional Japanese Kokeshi dolls are a perfect example of this simplistic Eastern beauty."

As I understand the, now very popular, kimmidols are a modernised version of the kokeshi.

The kokeshi are traditional hand painted wood dolls, made in japan since the Edo period (1603-1867). Lost in translations, the origins of the word may lead to bizarre theories of why the doll appeared in the first place. But it may as well simply mean "small doll". I personally like the theory that the kokeshi were a, somewhat reversed version of voodoo dolls. As they were given to children to take on whatever damage in their place. Or, to put it simple, a cute handcrafted lucky charm.


 I decided to drop the skirt on this series for a more practical use of the brooch.

I hope you like them!

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