December 17, 2010

too cold outside to take pictures...

I have only now discovered what COLD means.

My sweetheart found a nice cinema theater in New York. Angelika in 18 West Houston Street, Soho (or at least near by). Not to big, not to crowded, has a nice coffee shop with tables in the main atrium and plays non commercial cinema. We went to watch an adaptation from Shakespeare's fantastical thriller The tempest. Not bad... just strange... Takes long to enter the narrative, archaic English does not help (even  if it is beautiful to hear) nor do the corny special effects (not so great to watch). Other then that it was pretty good. Either way, except for central heated home, cinemas are the best place to be when its treating to snow. I wanted to take a picture from the theatre but it was so cold I lost my guts. All I have documented from getting out of the house is me, testing the batteries of my camera, in the theatre toilets... disgraceful... oh and the batteries stink, they barely lasted 3 minutes.

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