December 20, 2010

letter to Santa

hello Santa. I have tried hard this year to be a good girl so would you help out adding some improvements to my etsy shop? I need a tripod for better pictures, I could use too pairs of  rechargeable batteries and a battery charger for my Olympus 5050 (my baby girl) so I can take pictures outside, I would love a Dremel for bringing some ideas out of the drawer. I would also like to have the third volume of Tezuka's Dororo and the first of Budah.  an I pod would come in hand, as would a new battery for my laptop (mine is dead) and a hard disk (to store all those pictures I'm gonna take...)
the best present would be being able to give myself all these things I need and like, after I've paid my bills, with the profit from my very own little shop. I guess what I'm really asking is for the inspiration to create something people will love and the strength not to give up in case that doesn't happen as soon as I would like it to.

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